Mission Statement

    GlacierWorks’ mission is to document, educate and raise awareness about changes to the glaciers in the Greater Himalaya through art, science and exploration. We seek to incite curiosity about the region and spark dialogues regarding the changes to these glaciers.

    In addition to its website, GlacierWorks raises awareness through worldwide exhibitions and by providing content for use in classrooms to educate students not only about climate change but also broader earth and environmental science themes. Our content allows individuals around the world to experience and explore the Greater Himalayan region and to inspire a greater interest in their world.

    Founder & Executive Director

    David Breashears

    David Breashears founded GlacierWorks in 2007. Since 1979, Breashears has combined his skills in mountaineering and photography to become an acclaimed adventure filmmaker, leading over forty expeditions to the Himalayan region and working on dozens of documentary film projects.

    Expedition Team

    Wongchu Sherpa
    Mingmar Dorji Sherpa
    Ngima Sherpa
    Ang Phula Sherpa
    Lhakpa Gelje

    The Pioneers

    Norman Dyhrenfurth

    Norman Dyhrenfurth (1918-) was the photographer during the 1952 Swiss expedition to Mount Everest. Although the team did not succeed in reaching the summit, their efforts helped establish the groundwork for the first ascent by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay in 1953. Ten years later, Dyhrenfurth led the first American expedition to Mount Everest, which was also the first successful summit by the United States.

    George Mallory

    Mountaineer George Mallory (1886-1924) was a member of the 1921, 1922 and 1924 British expeditions to Mount Everest. His work on the mountain helped identify a summit route via the Northeast Ridge and in 1922 he attained a record altitude of 8225m (26,984ft). During a summit attempt in 1924, Mallory and his climbing partner, Andrew Irvine, disappeared on the mountain. Picture credit: Courtesy of Royal Geographical Society

    Major E.O. Wheeler

    Cartographer and mountaineer Edward Oliver Wheeler (1890–1962) was a member of the 1921 British Reconnaissance Expedition. The members of this party represented the first Westerners to explore the region. The photo-topographical work Wheeler captured during the expedition helped to create the earliest maps of the region. Picture credit: Courtesy of Royal Geographical Society

    The Home Team

    Angela Klempner
    Ellen Golbranson
    Erin Anguish
    Imke Fehrmann
    Jessamyn Martin
    Rachel Hargreaves-Heald



    Opening Video

    • Archival Footage from "Conquest of Everest" courtesy of Film Chest
    • Music courtesy of Discovery Music, In the Groove Music, and Ron Riddle.
    • Philip Flaemig

    Vanishing Glaciers

    • Archival images of Main Rongbuk, East Rongbuk and West Rongbuk glaciers courtesy of Royal Geographical Society, © RGS
    • Main Rongbuk, Photography by George Mallory, 1921 and by Frank S Smythe, 1936
    • East Rongbuk, Photography by Major E.O. Wheeler, 1921
    • West Rongbuk, Photography by Major E.O. Wheeler, 1921

    Trek to Everest Base Camp

    • Archival image of Khumbu glacier courtesy of the Swiss Foundation for Alpine Research, © SSAF, Photography by Norman Dyhrenfurth, 1952

    Flight To Everest

    • URC Ventures
    • Jonathan Flack
    • Philip Fraschetti
    • xRez Studios
    • Music courtesy of Johan Söderqvist and Zentropa Music


    • Microsoft Corporation
    • Pixel Lab
    • Music courtesy of Johan Söderqvist and Zentropa Music


    Thanks to the many individuals, suppliers and organizations that supported and helped us over the years, and especially...

    • ICIMOD
    • ETH – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich
    • Edgar Boyles
    • Scott Simper
    • Ulyana Horodyskyj
    • Newtonville Camera
    • Fagin's Weather World
    • Pocket Wizard
    • Really Right Stuff
    • WilmerHale
    • Clauß
    • Zerene Systems
    • Early Innovations


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